Berry Good's Johyun apologizes for saying Lovelyz's Mijoo's body is 'like a chopstick'

Berry Good’s Johyun sais she felt sorry about the comments she made regarding Lovelyz’s Mijoo.

The two idols appeared on the May 19th episode of ‘Video Star’ where Johyun stated that Mijoo had a body “like a chopstick” while stating that she herself had starred in a lingerie CF, leading to netizens accusing of her being catty.

On May 21st, Johyun uploaded a photo of her and Mijoo from filming the show on her Instagram story with the caption: “Mijoo unni, who is so lovely, cool, and the god of variety!! Lengthy like a model! One of a kind height! I am sorry for expressing myself with exaggerated language in order to make the variety show more fun. I love you unni! I will always support you.”