Eunhyuk absent at Super Junior's 'SJ Returns 4' press conference

Eunhyuk was absent at Super Junior’s ‘SJ Returns 4’ press conference.

On May 22, Super Junior held their press conference for their web reality show on V Live with Leeteuk as the main host. Fans were wondering why Eunhyuk was absent, and Shindong spoke up, saying, “Eunhyuk couldn’t come because of personal reasons.”

Leeteuk joked, “You should’ve grabbed him and brought him here,” and Shindong responded, “No, we can’t. Because of a personal issue, he’ll be absent just for today. He’ll be with us starting from tomorrow.”

‘SJ Returns 4’ is the fourth installment of the SM Entertainment group’s reality series ‘SJ Returns’, which began in 2017. Did you watch the first episode?